Are You Following These Travel Vloggers?

Don’t miss out on some of the best content online.

Photo by Devin Justesen on Unsplash

Travel vloggers.

We all envy them a little bit.

But not all of them are created equally.

Travel is such a subjective activity that travel content ends up having very different formats, depending on who creates it. Personally, I prefer to watch travel content that teaches me about new places, makes me connect to the local culture, and gets me excited about visiting the place one day.

This is a list of some of the best people creating travel content that ticks all those boxes. I hope you enjoy it!

Jacob Laukaitis

Jacob is probably my favorite travel vlogger. He’s raw, honest, and can’t contain his enthusiasm for life in everything he creates.

But the best thing about his content is that it is different. He doesn’t present those usual boring travel videos, showing himself partying in some beach in SE Asia. His content is real. It’s about the world, and the people who inhabit it. It is so damn raw that it punches you in the stomach, makes you shed some tears, and restores your faith in humanity, while urging you to pack your bags and hop on the next plane.

His videos feel like small documentaries, and I love the fact that some of them are about specific experiences he creates, like when he gathered some people to clean the slums of Mumbai.

Drew Binsky

Ah, Drew!

You know what is the coolest thing about him? He genuinely gets excited about every place he visits! And has he visited a lot of places… He was well on his way to visit every country on Earth when the pandemic hit, leaving him with only a dozen countries to cross off his list.

But he’s so good that, if you’ve been following him in the past years, you don’t mind the wait. In fact, you want to be there with him when he crosses the border of the last country. You root for him because he’s a nice guy who has shown you some of the coolest places on Earth, while putting a smile on your face every single day.

Nas Daily

If you ever watched any travel content online, you must have watched Nas Daily. He experienced incredible success over the past few years, and well deservedly.

Nas — which stands for “people” in Arabic — travels the world looking for some of the coolest, most inspiring stories, that he tells in videos that last only one minute. If you only have one minute per day to watch anything online, let it be Nas, I promise you will not regret it.

Nas created his videos for 1,000 days in a row, not missing one single one. Nowadays, he’s focusing on growing his media company, but he keeps putting out weekly videos, and even created a podcast.

You can find him on Facebook, here:


Alex and Marko have been vagabonding for the past decade and taking us along incredible rides.

Their style is a bit more traditional than the other bloggers mentioned here, but that means you can learn a lot from their videos. They mix up the historical content with the modern-day experiences, giving you a well-rounded idea of the places.

Whenever I go to a new destination, I make sure to watch their content about it because I always end up with a list of interesting suggestions of things to do and see there.

Hey Nadine

Nadine has been traveling for a long time. She’s done it all, from the backpacking experience to the van life, or luxury travel, which means she has a ton of advice to give.

She creates content which is a mix of advice based on her experiences and travel videos that include awesome shots of the locations, historical backgrounds, and tips of what to visit. Here is one of her videos, about the city I call home now, Budapest.

Eva Zu Beck

Take a look at this girl’s Youtube channel and scroll through her videos. Seriously, do it now, here is the link:

Have you noticed the video titles? She is the ultimate adventurer, having experienced some of the weirdest, coolest, most insane things in different parts of the world.

You can see titles like “7 Days Horse Trekking ALONE in Mongolia”, “Having Coffee with anti-ISIS Peshmerga Soldiers in Iraqi Kurdistan” or “Foreign girl buying a goat in Oman”.

I don’t need to say anything else, I’m sure you are sold by now.


This list includes some of the best travel content creators. Which is great… but also dangerous! If you watch too many of their videos, you might end up like me, feeling the imperative necessity to create your own travel content. I did it, it turned out differently from what I imagined. I now stick to watching other people’s videos. But you can read about my experience here.

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