You Need to Build the Door Where Chance Will Knock

Photo by Will Esayenko on Unsplash

Luck happens. But it happens to some people more than others.

It is comfortable to believe that luck is something that happens to us, instead of something we can control — to an extent, at least.

When a writer finally has a bestseller, people say he is lucky. As if luck had anything to do with the thousands of hours he spent writing before his first big hit.

When a young, fresh graduate gets a well-paid job, people say she is lucky. As if luck had anything to do with all the thousands of hours she spent studying and developing her skills to make herself a better hire.

Working hard, building that door, is not a guarantee of success. But not doing the job certainly is a guarantee that luck will not come knocking at your door. After all, there is no door to knock on.


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