Free Yourself: Escape From the Chinese Water Torture

Photo by Fares Hamouche on Unsplash

Chinese water torture is an ancient form of slow torture. It involves tying up the victim and let water drops fall rhythmically on their forehead. Drip, drip, drip… For hours, sometimes days. The incessant drip eventually drives the person mad.

Hopefully, you are not tied up and enduring water drops on your forehead. But you might be suffering from a similar psychological effect.

Every day, you shower but the showerhead is broken, splashing water everywhere. You tell yourself you need to fix it soon. But, splash after splash, you keep postponing it, getting upset every time.

Every day, you go through the mess of your closet looking for something to wear. You tell yourself you need to organize it. But, morning and morning, you keep postponing it, getting upset every time.

Without you even realizing it, these little daily drops drive you mad, taking away from your happiness and inner peace. Only that there isn’t anyone tying you up, except yourself.

Fix the showerhead, organize the closet, remove any water drops from your life. Do it now, be free today, and for good.


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