6 Funny Situations That Could Only Happen at Times of Coronavirus

The Pandemic and the quarantine can bring out a lot of emotions in all of us. Coronavirus can also make a lot of ingenious ideas surface. And others not so bright… This is a collection of news that could only have happened at times like these.

1. The lady who washed her hands with cheese for a week

It was the early days of the pandemic, but Miley was already following the safety measures and washing her hands often and thoroughly. The only problem? She was doing it with a block of mature cheddar, instead of soap.

The confusion, she says, came from the fact that she left the cheese out of the fridge on a late-night drunken snack. The next morning, she assumed it was the remnants of a soap bar.

News here.

2. The priest who live streamed a mass with Facebook filters

In late March, Paolo Longo, an Italian priest, streamed a Catholic mass on Facebook for 45 minutes, respecting the norms of social isolation. But he accidentally activated Facebook filters and the result was a hilarious video where he is seen in various disguises, like an astronaut, gangster, cat and wizard.

Video here.

3. The dinosaur that roamed the streets of a Scottish town

In Callender, Scotland, locals were entertained by a T-Rex walking around the empty streets of the town. Curious locals came out to the windows to witness the inflatable dinosaur and, apparently, the only one who was not so happy about it was a barking dog that crossed its path.

News here.

4. The driver who sped up to escape coronavirus

Still in the UK, in Surrey, police stopped a driver who was taking advantage of the empty roads by speeding up to 130mph. His reply was “I thought the faster I went, the less chance I would catch coronavirus”.

News here.

5. The guy who created a bot of himself to escape a meeting

At a time when so many people are working from home and having meetings on video conference, this programmer decided to hack the system and create a bot that would attend meetings in his place. “So, in order to reclaim some of my precious time I built a Digital Twin of myself that uses the latest in advanced AI Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech to handle my Zoom meetings for me”, he states on his blog. The only problem? It doesn’t really work…

News here.

6. The couple who named their twins Covid and Corona

An Indian couple welcomed a baby girl and a baby boy on March 27th, after some complications due to coronavirus. The way they found to immortalize those hardships was a bit too peculiar though. The babies got the names “Covid” and “Corona”. Let’s see what they think of it once they grow up…

News here.


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