My Safety Is Not Your Safety

Words contain multitudes

Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash

In these challenging times, we are all trying to be safe. But are also all living with different notions of safety.

A friend tells you he’s been very careful. And then casually mentions the dinner he had with his cousin, the wife of the cousin, and the mother of the wife of the cousin.

Your workplace claims to prioritize employee’s safety but then people are allowed to walk around without masks on. But it’s still safe because there are 20 liters of hand sanitizer in the office.

The pandemic is forcing us to discuss what safety means to each of us, individually.

Words contain multitudes. My safety is not the same as yours.

My love is not the same as yours either. My success. My pleasure. My fear.

It never has been. But had we ever realized that?


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